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Quantitative Researcher

Quantitative Researcher

Quantitative Researchers work directly with our portfolio managers to innovate in our lab and manage production strategies.  Our research team has excelled at multiple top firms and offers an opportunity to work with a strong successful group. Our technology enables rapid experimentation, flexibility in quantitative approaches, and large-scale hypothesis testing in a parallel computing environment.  Our culture is collaborative and open with an emphasis on ingenuity and interrogating reality as we challenge assumptions and conduct rigorous research. Opportunities for advancement include overseeing a subset of strategies as a portfolio manager.


In this role you will:


  • Work on ongoing refinements to existing Bridgefront strategies, expanding your understanding of markets and trading in the process

  • Rigorously develop new techniques and strategies to further increase our scale and risk-adjusted returns

  • Work collaboratively with portfolio managers, other quantitative researchers, and developers to efficiently identify and formulate data-driven answers to high-impact research questions

  • Document and internally present results

  • Stay plugged in to new data sources and interesting technologies and techniques through interaction with third-party providers, conference attendance, active exploration, etc.




  • Excellent quantitative analysis skills and experience working with large data sets

  • Strong script development and debugging skills in Python and/or R in a Linux environment

  • Java or C++ proficiency

  • Experience with machine learning and/or optimization techniques is a plus but not required

  • Minimum Bachelor of Science in a technical discipline strongly preferred

  • Minimum 2 years experience in a quantitative trading role strongly preferred


Compensation includes competitive salary, bonus, paid vacation, and benefits.  Additionally, we provide a flexible casual work environment creating superior results while supporting employees' interests and development within and outside Bridgefront.

Software Development Engineer

Trading Systems Applications Support (Singapore)

Our Trading Systems Applications Support team runs our trading systems across asset classes providing critical monitoring and ongoing improvements. The environment is fast paced and technically intensive with an emphasis on proactive technical ingenuity and automation while minimizing reactive one-off manual efforts.


In this role you will:

  • Work from Singapore with our Singapore and US based team to ​monitor production trading systems across the Asia-Pacific region and the open of European markets

  • Oversee daily reconciliation processes and continue to evolve robust operational processes

  • Troubleshoot time-sensitive production exceptions as they occur and provide feedback and requirements for ongoing instrumentation and tool development 

  • Work with portfolio managers, quantitative researchers, and developers to minimize production risk and solve challenging problems

  • Document procedures and troubleshooting scenarios

  • Work with third parties we connect to (data feeds, counterparties, service providers) handling updates and any issues that occur


Successful candidates for this role have:

  • Proficiency on the Linux command line*

  • Demonstrated scripting ability in bash and/or Python*

  • High level familiarity with network communications

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • A strong desire to continually learn and improve

  • Composure in the face of time pressure and context switches

  • Thoroughness and attention to detail

  • BS in Computer Science or technical degree preferred

  • Previous operational experience in large scale automated trading


​Compensation includes competitive salary, bonus, paid vacation, and excellent benefits. 


*You will be asked to complete a linux and scripting skills assessment during the application process.

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